Assumption Community Services

Assumption Community Services in conjunction with Rural Stearns Faith in Action offers an array of services, from home delivered meals, to community support services and caregiver support.

While Rural Stearns Faith in Action can be found throughout the county, we concentrate on much of rural Stearns County. If we don’t serve your areas we can connect you with those that can.

Rural Stearns Faith in Action serves our communities by making connections with those who need some assistance with those who are able to provide the services. Our volunteers assist individuals 60 and older with a variety of activities from transportation to homemaking, friendly visiting to spiritual support, caregiver consulting to education.

Our professional staff help those same individuals with ways to remain in their homes longer by finding resources tailored to each person. Sometimes the focus is put on the caregiver and at other times the person needing the assistance. By providing that level of support, appropriate decisions can be made in maintaining a healthy level of independence. Our professional staff have training in social work, nursing, chaplaincy and volunteer coordination. We have a bilingual consultant who offers similar services.

Please contact:

Rural Stearns Faith in Action

615 First Street North,
Cold Spring, MN 56320

Telephone: 320-685-3693
Toll Free: 1-800-549-5855